Will Automobilista 2 have mods?

The video below features the VRC Pavey Longhood S for Project CARS 2, which is the first Project CARS 2 release from one of the major paid mod creators.  In this video I give a quick review of the car, and talk about the bigger picture of what this car could mean in sim racing.

Many of you know this car in the real world as the Panoz Roadster S.  It’s a cool mod for PC2, with great handling and it makes a nice fit into the LMP900 class.  For those that purchase it, make sure you have Traction Control turned right off, and well warmed tires to get the most out of this!

I want to talk about how this Pavey may just represent the tip of an awesome iceberg.  In the next roughly 6 weeks, we should have the full release of the successor to Autobobilista.  And in only about one week’s time, we will have the beta release.  And by the way, I’ll be driving the beta version of Automobilista 2 on my channel, so be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in previews of the newest sim title.

For those not aware, Automobilista is a pure racing sim that showcased primarily Brazilian content.  It won the hearts of sim racers, but never really made it mainstream, in part due to the fact that AMS was built on an older graphics engine, and had no VR and quite average looking visuals overall.

Fast forward a few years, and AMS2 is addressing that very issue by partnering with Slightly Mad Studios to use their Madness Engine.  The Madness Engine is the driving force behind the graphics you’re seeing on your screen now from Project CARS 2.  And while Automobilista had car mods and dated graphics, Project CARS 2 has excellent graphics and only a few mods.  Hence the significance of VRC’s Pavey Longhood.  It’s not the first mod for Project CARS 2, but perhaps the first we’ve seen from one of the bigger modding teams.

{"DRSAppName" : "pcars2avx.exe", "DRSProfileName" : "Project CARS 2"}

And VRC alluded to the secondary purpose of this mod, besides being just a great car, is to get their feet wet in modding a Madness Engine based title. 

So, all this to say that we could be on the cusp of getting a new sim that will feature mods.  It’s fairly obvious to most sim racers at this point that AMS2 seems to be checking all of the necessary boxes to be a great racing sim.  Add mods to that equation, and the sky might be the limit for this new title.

So let’s hope the experiment went well for VRC, and hopefully we see other teams like United Racing Design, Race Sim Studio, IER and others are able to join the modding train for AMS2.  For now, we can enjoy the latest car to join Project CARS 2.  And now it’s time to get this VRC Pavey Longhood out on track.


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