Race Sim Studio today announced via RaceDepartment and their email list a 4th car in the GT pack, the Lanzo V12.  Which, of course, bears absolutely no resemblance to a late model Lamborghini whatsoever.  Here is their announcement:


“Well, exterior almost done, only missing the fuel intake that goes on the rear side window so that needs to be done when I get to work around the window bezels.
For now did the proper 6 pot and 4 pot calipers, adjusted brake disc size to spec as well as track width to make sure everything fits. Added some fake camber just for show :)


For now, we’re looking at almost 128k triangles for the complete exterior.”


I, for one, can’t wait to drive this.  The first 3 cars are some of my favourite mods of all time, so I look forward to more from the great RSS team!

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