First off, thank you to all of the amazing subscribers and viewers who made 2017 an amazing year for me by way of sim racing.

I started SimRacing604 in March of 2017 with no aspirations or goals, I just enjoyed ASR Formula’s MP4/6 mod so much I wanted to re-watch hotlaps while I was on the road for work. For some reason a few dozen people watched it, and a few more watched my next videos, and a few more watched videos after that, and so on, and so on.

For those wondering, the turning point was the release of Project CARS 2 and its subsequent updates. I saw a massive spike in viewership at this time.

I’m so proud to be a part of sim racing, and I thank you as a community for welcoming me. I truly love sim racing, and although I will make mistakes, I hope to elevate our pastime in some way, and leave it a little better than I found it.

Here are some interesting stats from 2017 for my channel:

– over 2,000,000 minutes watched
– average watch length of 3m 36s
– almost 600,000 channel views
– over 10,000 likes
– nearly 700 dislikes (that’s a 94% like ratio, I’ll take it!)
– nearly 2,500 comments
– over 1,000 video shares
– videos added to nearly 6,000 playlists
– over 4,000 subscribers
– top 5 countries for viewership: United States 22%, United Kingdom 18%, Germany 8%, Australia 5%, and the Netherlands 5%
– 98% male viewership
– top video: Gran Turismo Sport Best Cars – 48,000 views
– first video: Ayrton Senna’s MP4/6 at Red Bull Ring – March 6th, 2017

Thank you everyone for being a part of this!

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