Check out the new video I posted regarding where RaceRoom Racing Experience stands as we start 2018.

In this video, I take a look at how RaceRoom stacks up in terms of graphics, sound, FFB/physics/handling, AI/single player, multiplayer and more. Here is the skinny:

Graphics: RaceRoom still rocks a DX9 graphical backbone, and it holds the title back slightly, but not to the point that it gets in the way of enjoying this sim title. Not only that, but the developers have added VR and triple-screen support, so it checks all the boxes I typically look for in a sim title, but slightly lacks a “WOW” factor.

Sound: In my opinion, and a shared opinion of most, the sounds in RaceRoom are the best that sim racing has to offer. The sound goes beyond sounding clear, well balanced, or loud, and actually adds to the immersion factor of sim racing. As sim racers, some suspension of belief is required, but this effect is reduced greatly when using RaceRoom in VR with a good set of headphones to relay the amazing sounds. The kerbs, the tire squeel, the turbos and so much more are amazing to listen to in this title.

FFB/physics/handling (aka drivability): At its best, RaceRoom ranks among the best titles in sim racing for drivability of the cars. The new GT3 (aka GTR-3) cars are absolutley incredible to drive. Everyone who sim races seriously should invest $5 and give the new GT3 cars a go. I can almost guarantee you will love it. With that said, you may encounter a second, lower tier of drivability that feels like your kind of sliding along the track. Some early releases of cars within RaceRoom will feel this way, but they are the exception to the rule. Overall the WTCC, DTM and GT3 cars all feel great.

AI/single player: There is no official career mode, but custom championships and single player races can be a lot of fun. For the most part, the AI is well behaved. There are moments where it gets to the level of fantastic, and once again immersion reigns, but at other times the AI can run you off the road for no apparent reason. So it’s tough to give a blanket statement saying the AI is good or bad.

Multi-player: If you’re used the online lobbies being well populated like in Gran Turismo Sport or Project CARS 2, you’ll likely be dissapointed. However, the troll drivers that show up in those titles just to run others off the road are absent in RaceRoom as well for the most part. So we take good racing with a grain of salt.

Also, check out the end of the race in this video. It came down to the last corner and my nerves…

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