I drive a lot of mods, and very few catch my attention like this incredible Nissan Nismo R33 GT-R for Assetto Corsa. Amazingly this mod is free, and the download link is in the credits below.


Boasting more the 400hp at just over 1000kg, this is a legit race car that somehow stayed street legal. It is a blast to drive, and I’m only getting started with this one!

You may recognize this car from as far back as Gran Turismo 2, or as recently as Forza Horizon 3.  It is also a near approximation (and in my opinion the best available) of Paul Walker’s amazing GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The sounds, visuals and handling are all on point.  Mike Rudland and his team have done an incredible job with this, and you owe it to yourself to download this today at the link below.  If you want to see if before you download, watch my review video here: https://youtu.be/fn5scWh9jHw

Credits as follows:

Nissan Nismo R33 GT-R LM Road Going Version. V2 (with skins)

Well where to start on this beauty what started off with one man and a dream to drive a classic he has not drivern since gran turismo 2 has turned into a
following and a group effort to provide a outstanding peace of work i truly am happy to be part of.
The car has been made from ground up with base provided by forza alot of details have been missed there and have been made specifically for this release.
I would like to thank personally thank everyone that helped from start to finish with some been modelers and some been R33 drivers/owners as a team we have made this man dream come true.

3D model: Forza Horizon 3.
3D work: Mike Rudland, Nathan Biddlecombe, Timo Ha & Nabaoui Bouhabbadi.
Model into game: Nathan Biddlecombe.
Physics: Mike Rudland with help from R33 owners.
Sounds:Timo Ha.
AO and UVmapping: Nabaoui Bouhabbadi.
Template 2k: Nabaoui Bouhabbadi.
Custom Nismo Plates: Maalouf Krajzler.

max speed 200mph

Its a 5 speed spec but has 6 gears as 6 is more the cruising gear never hurts to have abit more but its abit gutless.
Would also like that thank everyone involved with testing the beast its been fun and hope to work together again.
Testers are followed:

Maalouf Krajzler.
Timo Ha.
John Gray.
Nabaoui Bouhabbadi.
Valere Loyer.
Renzo Vd Wolff.
Rick Cheung.
Nathan Biddlecombe.
Peter Andrew Geary.
Nay Winson.

Download Link

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