This is not your average open wheeler!

The Formula Student, known in the rear world and primarily to a select few in the Australasian University racing circuit as the UCM 2016, is a race engineer’s dream.  It sports 4 individually controlled electric motors, driving all 4 wheels of this carbon fibre monocoque sporting open wheeler.

It weighs just 225kg without the driver, and in standard 80kW or unrestricted 120kW mode, this car gets up to speed fast.  It does however top out at about 145km/h under normal circumstances and with a baseline setup.

So what place does this free mod play in the Assetto Corsa community? Maybe nothing, maybe it’s very niche, but who cares? It’s rare to have this much fun in a car!

In case you’re wondering, the Formula Student also operates under the name of the UCM 2016. What is UCM? University of Caterbury Motorsports. This car was the 2016 entry for the Univerity motorsports series. It’s entirely student built and operated. It garnered a lot of attention upon its release, and was the recipient of several awards, and deservedly so.

The car drives like a hybrid of a go kart and an open wheeler. Probably because it is a hybrid of a go kart and an open wheeler. The turn-in response is sharper than almost any sim racing car I have ever driven. If you move the wheel even a few degrees off centre, the vehicle is heading in that direction. It’s very difficult to overcome the mechanical traction limit, but when you do, the car can easily be corrected back into line. Through high speed corners the car is extremely stable due to the massive front and rear wings. These wings appear to dwarf the cockpit, and proudly sacrifice aesthetics for the function of downforce.

So who is this car for? I believe this car is for anyone looking to improve their racing lines, anyone looking to race AI with no fear of being bumped offline (just try it, these cars make awesome bumper cars), or anyone looking to have some fun. There’s no denying the fun factor of this car.

In summary, this vehicle is really well modeled and a blast to drive. I’d recommend you download it today.

The Formula Student is currently in version 0.9, and can be downloaded here:

The Ferrari livery for this car can be downloaded here:

Watch the video now at

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